This is what we've been up to this year.
The Clubs
The  Business  Breakfast  Club
The  Afternoon  Meeting  Club
The  City  Dining  Club
Having listened to what you said we decided to run three 
clubs at different times on three different days each month.
This way business people who find mornings difficult because of
commitments will be able to come along in the afternoon.

Aspire restaurant at City College in Southampton will be the venue for the Clubs bringing the catering students in hospitality and event management the opportunity of real customer experiences. The food is totally amazing and
Simon Hart and his catering team along with Ellie Exley and her hospitality team will bring you excellent food and service in superb surroundings.
We can cater for your individual needs so when booking your club make
sure we know about your food preferences, allergies and any 
additional physical needs you may have.

   For each 'work experience service' the catering and
hospitality students will receive a contribution
from the Clubs which will go
towards their own end of year event.
We are so privileged to be able to bring
Aspire Business Clubs to college.

Photos of the restaurant and food below are the Aspire Restaurant and taken by City College